We apply practical solutions to your business's technological endeavors. Our staff is not only expertly skilled in technological innovation and aesthetic design but also in figuring out what you really need and working with you to develop strategies that successfully accomplish all of your goals. The NU Design team is uniquely suited to target and handle challenges; from consulting on technical integration, and targeted corporate training, to designing and building a Web campaign, database driven Web application, or multimedia CD-ROM project.

Our clients include small start-ups as well as fortune 500 corporations. (client list ) We have designed and managed a number of large scale projects, and, have worked, successfully, with other companies as part of a larger team. (Select a category to view samples of our work.)

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New Perspectives on Dreamweaver CS4, Comprehensive
by Kelly Hart and Mitch Geller

The latest book in our New Perspectives on Dreamweaver series is doing well and we are hard at work on the next edition. The book is available in Barnes and Noble stores, and online at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com or Cengage.com. (Please click here for more information or to request a desk copy.)